Samuel Oliver COVID-19 Client Process

Do not attend your appointment if you feel unwell or are showing any COVID-19 symptoms including fever, new persistent cough, or loss of taste/smell. Please reschedule your appointment and follow self-isolating measures as directed by the government.

All services are by appointment only and must complete the COVID-19 Pre-appointment screening questionnaire before entering the salon.

• A Pre COVID19 appointment questionnaire will be sent to you via email five days before your appointment, please complete this before attending your appointment. If you can not complete the form for any reason then please notify a member of staff when you arrive and are queuing outside the salon and we can complete the form at the salon.
• You will be required to attend your appointment wearing a face mask/face covering and to keep this on throughout your visit inside the salon. Unfortunately, our company risk assessment does not allow us to cater to any client or staff member not wearing a face mask/face covering, even if medically exempt. This is due to having clinically vulnerable staff members working in the salon. The face mask/face covering should fit behind the ears. Face masks that tie around the head are not suitable as this would require removal for hair washing, cutting, or colouring.
• Please wait outside the salon following signage instructions and queuing following social distancing guidelines of 2 meters. Attend your appointment on time and alone. Do not bring family/friends/pets with you to the appointment.
• We will require you to use a hand sanitiser. We have multiple sanitising stations for your use during your visit. Frequent hand-washing and hand sanitisation are preferable to wearing gloves, according to the latest government advice.

• After being invited into the salon, please sanitise your hands, you will then be shown to a seat by a member of staff. We ask that you remain in your seat unless directed to do so by your stylist or assistant.
• If you wish to use our washroom, please alert your stylist or assistant.

• We will not be offering magazines to read so please bring your own reading material. You are welcome to use our WIFI. We will also be offering refreshments during your visit. If you exit the salon for any reason you will be asked to hand sanitise again on your re-entry.
• Your chair, station, and stylist tools will have been sanitised before you sit down. As far as possible, we will seat you 1+ meters from another client. Sneeze screens have been installed between all hair stations.
• We will accept cash payments, please pay by card if possible.

• Your stylist will be temperature checked before their shift. Your stylist will wear a type two, three-ply face mask throughout your visit. Gloves will be changed for each client although not worn for certain procedures.
• Hand sanitiser will be used before and during your appointment by your stylist. Assistants will also be wearing fresh gloves and a type two, three ply face mask for your appointment.

• The salon will ensure that all areas and tools are sanitised between clients. All gowns, towels, and capes are disposable and will be for single use only.
• Washroom facilities use disposable hand towels. Please dispose of these in the bin provided. Washroom facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

• During the crisis, we will be pausing our loyalty scheme and all discount offers.
• The cost of our new measures and investments, together with our inability to trade at normal levels will mean changes to our prices.

We appreciate your understanding of this. With your co-operation, we can create as safe a space as possible. We are grateful for your understanding during what will be a very difficult trading period for us.